Mike Garcia / Matias Pizarro / Gustavo Lopez

Tesuque Revolt is a hi-energy Electro-Border-Pop trio born while riding
waves in San Diego’s Pacific Ocean. The band is characterized by a unique stage
arrangement where all members stand stage front with contraptions of lights, stands
and pedals. They loop guitar riffs and vocal melodies, and trigger samples in an
energetic physical delivery that combines catchy songs with a masterful precision of their

Hailing from the distant lands of Chile and New Mexico, founding members Michael
Garcia and Matias Pizarro shared a brief stint in San Diego, then were forced to part
ways when Mike returned to his native New Mexico. The music prevailed, and the
seasoned musicians continued to rehearse remotely in their studios via cloud-sharing
platforms and Skype, and sometimes even sharing melodies and beats over text
messages and emails. This mix of electronic and acoustic instruments spawned an
innovative way of writing and performing, and San Diego bassist Gus ”Gallo” Lopez’s
fresh taste and production skills completed the equation. Their debut material has
already caught the ear of listeners across New Mexico, Arizona, Southern California, Tijuana, and Mexico City.

Their infectious melodies, catchy hooks and falsetto register evoke latin dance floor
hymns. The lyrics are as much about heartbreak as they are about riding waves. In the
land of Tesuque Revolt, reggaeton meets rock and Latin-infused urban jungle beats.
Check out the band’s bilingual release ‘’Serenata de Pirata’’ and their pulse-pounding
performances which make this act one of the most innovative new projects to look out